Extra Credit and Mucho Kudos to you if you know the difference off the top of your head...

Antelope/Gazelle/Impala...probably can't outrun any of them anyway.

Bog/Fen/Marsh/Swamp/Wetlands...and just when you thought it was safe to go back in the sludge, howdayaknowforsure you're not actually wading into a Quagmire?

Panther/Puma/Cougar...I imagine they will all kill you

Brook/Creek/Stream/River/Lake/Pond/Sea/Ocean...Don't forget the Arroyos that dot the landscape!

Boat/Ship...What do you mean they're not the same thing? A ship is a large boat apparently. How the hell did I get to be a grown-ass man and not be clear on this? I had perfect attendance and paid full attention at grade school. Somebody definitely wasn't doing their job!

Alligator/Crocodile...Apparently, they're friggin' different too! Something to do with the shape of the snouts. This is a black day for the teachers of America.