Try to get these folks straight in case you are introduced to them (unless they're dead) at your next cocktail party. Celebrities generally have big egos.

Roddy MacDowall/Darren McGavin/Gavin MacLeod/McCloud/Macgyver/...Gavin DeGraw...Of course the detective (actually writer) Darren MacGavin played who tailed the NightStalker wasn't either of the last two names (other TV detectives) though those names always spring to mind first since they are so similar. His character was actually named Carl Kolchak for Pete's sake! I was just starting to get all these old-timer guys sorted out when along comes Gavin DeGraw putting out records and throwing a monkey wrench into this tenuous situation.

Fernando Rey/Aldo Ray/Man Ray/Aldo Nova...I had that 45 (Life is Just a) Fantasy from the 4th guy. Somehow I have him mixed up with old time character actors and a fashion icon.

Paul Warfield/Paul Winfield/Dave Winfield/Paul Scofield...The first and 3rd guy were of course athletes and the 2nd and 4th guys actors. I hope the 2nd guy finally got that slug creature out of his ear that Khan ('wrathfully') put there. Chekov managed to. Remember that Star Trek movie? Gross out. I don't even think I would recognize the character actor 4th guy. Doesn't help that the Baseball connection actually continues with the two Dick Schofields (father and son).

Michael Douglas/Mike Douglas/Merv Griffin/Marv Grissom...The last guy was a baseball player. You don't confuse him w/the Mikes really but it's just Merv screwing everything up. I swear I saw Mike Douglas the talk show guy in the Burt Reynolds movie Gator playing a governor! I bet it was his only acting credit ever.

Christopher Lee/Christopher Plummer/Peter Cushing/Peter Lawford/Charles Laughton...Well, between all these ubiquitous fellows you have half the movies ever made in Hollywood. Add in Hackman and Caine...I challenge you to click thru all your cable channels at any time and not run into either of those two!..and you have almost every movie ever made.

David Janssen/William Holden/Robert Mitchum...never mind the similar type names, all hard boiled world- weary tough guy types too.

Bill Bixby/Bill Bradley/Bill Bevens/Jim Busby/Jim Bagby/Bilbo Baggins...The Hulk (David Banner) The Senator/ex-Hoopster/3 Old time Baseballers...Then a Hobbit!

Mary Kay Place/MaryBeth Hurt/Mary Ann Mobley...The 1st one was in The Big Chill so I confuse her with JoBeth Williams too. The 3rd one was an actress of some notability early on, appearing in a few Elvis movies but then became a very annoying "TV personality". Her husband Gary Collins got on my nerves too and dammit if they didn't always appear together on shows and at functions and make me doubly cringe. I wonder if the 2nd one is related to John or William Hurt...who were on the Part 2 list!

Yul Brynner/David Brenner/David Birney...Of course Yul was distinctively different looking but because of the other two you always have to stop and wonder how to SPELL his name. And should I pronounce his name just like the 2nd guy? And didn't Yul closely resemble baseballer Jesus Alou? Remember how often the comedian 2nd guy subbed for Carson? Remember the 3rd guy way back on TV's Bridget Loves Birney?...with his hot wife, the mom from Family Ties?

Dyan Cannon/Julie Christie...then Julie Christie/Julie Harris/Barbara Harris/Jean Harris...The first pair since they were both hot blondes that were linked with Warren Beatty for a long time...Julie Harris was no hottie but was in the very serious The Hiding Place. I actually kinda screw her up with the very famous Julie Andrews-Sound of Music/Mary Poppins etc. I ran into Barbara Harris when I rented Hitchcock's Family Plot then there she was again when I rented the original Freaky Friday. I imagine we'll cross paths again. Jean Harris though wasn't even an actress but was the crazy lady who killed Dr. Tarnower. Amazingly, she was portrayed in A TV movie by Annette Beining who is married to none other than Warren Beatty and was in...'Being Julia'(Harris?)!!!


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