Yet even more people I can't get straight or maybe can but only after really thinking it through. There's always that wee bit of immediate doubt and hesitation...

Anne Marie Alberghetti/Annette Funicello/Shelly Fabares/Christina Ferrare....Actress-Good Seasons Dressing Lady/Mouseketeer-Beach Movie Actress/"Johnny Angel" (non)singer/DeLorean's hot model trophy wife. All 4 in the questionable/marginal talent category too which makes it harder.

Olivia DeHaviland/Yvonne DiCarlo...and then of course Yvonne DiCarlo/Carolyn Jones....Which was Morticia and which was Lily? I'm never sure.

Eve Arden/Ava Gardner/Ida Lupino....These fine ladies are all from a little before my time so maybe I'll be able to differentiate them as time goes along and I rent more DVDs and see them more often. You see Eve is like Ava and then Arden sounds like Gardner but then Ida is kinda like Eva and... Ah! You get the point.

Rose Marie/Betty White....Maybe it's because they both appeared on game shows a lot because as
actresses generally you think of the 1st as older- B&W TV show and the 2nd as more recent- Color TV shows

William Hurt/John Hurt/John Heard/John Voight/John Waite....Yep. I know. What's the matter with me. The last guy's a singer not an actor! The 'Missing You' guy wasn't just solo but was with the Babys and Bad English too. Which of course leads me to confuse him with another very ubiquitous Englishman singer, Paul Carrack! Go ahead! Look HIM up and see how many bands HE was in besides being solo.

Vic Morrow/Vic Damone/Phil Ramone...Only one got his head chopped off by a helicopter. If it was up to me at the time, I would probably have screwed up and notified the wrong next of kin.

Mickey Rourke/Mickey Roache/Mickey Rooney...One of them is just a Boston politician for cripes sake!

While we're at it....Mickey Rooney/Andy Hardy/Andy Rooney/Andy Carey/Haray Caray....Last 2 guys aren't
Showbiz but are Baseball guys! Didn't Mickey Rooney play a kid named Andy Hardy? It's all so fuzzy! I want
my mommy.

Kirk Douglas/Lloyd Bridges....Not the names. They just seem to look alike and had kids that were famous
actors too

Burt Lancaster/Charlton Heston...Same thing. They kinda looked alike. Tough guy chiseled look.

Harvey Keitel/Rutger Hauer/Wings Hauser/Horst Buchholz/Dolph Lundgren...
To make matters worse, Harvey Keitel looks like....Mickey Rourke!

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