I always get these folks kinda confused. It always takes me an extra second or two to figure out exactly who I should be referring to.

Lee Remick/Lee Meriweather/Lee Grant...I think it was just the middle one who was Batwoman.

Morgan Fairchild/Morgan LeFay/Jean Lafitte/Morgan Freeman/Joe Morgan...Just kidding on the last two!

Susan Saint James/Jill Saint John/Eva Marie Saint/Buffy Sainte-Marie...With the patience of a saint you can sort them out.

Andie McDowell/Angie Dickinson/Emily Dickinson...I know the first two didn't write poems but Hey, it's MY list.

Annie Potts/Ann Jillian...Then I always wonder if Ann Jillian is Armenian because of the ian at the end of her name but I never follow up on it.

Tony Franciosa/James Franciscus/James Farentino...All not quite stars but more B actors. And all from the '60s'70s era to boot.

Michael York/Peter Tork...Not just the name similarity but somehow because of Davy Jones you start to think Tork and the rest of the Monkees were British...like esteemed actor York. The Monkees? British Invasion? C'mon Now!

Fess Parker/Tab Hunter...Maybe these guys were the same actor. I kinda get Troy Donahue intertwined with these dudes too.

Jeffrey Hunter/Robert Walker Jr/Clint Walker...Maybe they were all the same actor too.

James Brolin/Jimmy Breslin/Pierce Brosnan/Timothy Dalton...The 2nd guy was a writer not even an actor but I still always get screwed up and must give pause.

Robert DeNiro/Robert Duvall...Didn't help that they were both in The Godfather. Plus I have always deemed them the top two modern day actors so think of them together.

Broderick Crawford/Sterling Hayden...and while we're at it...Sterling Holloway/Stanley Holloway/Earl Holliman...One of these guys was the corrupt cop McCluskey who Michael Corleone shot in that famous restaurant scene in the Godfather. And dammit! I'm not going to IMDB.com to find out again. I'm gonna figure this out myself this time even if it kills me.

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