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Then we have baseball hurler Claude Osteen...two 20 game winning seasons for the LA Dodgers! and a lifetime ERA of only 3.30!....and good old 'Well Go-o-o-o-lly!' Gomer Pyle USMC from TV land (actor and singer Jim Nabors). Turns out I'm not the only one who thought this because his Dodger teammates even nicknamed the pitcher Gomer. Anyway, once you win 20 games you get major props from The Misakman. Thus all of Claude Osteen's LA Dodger baseball cards are in one of my vaunted 20 Game Winner baseball card binders right there with teammates Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale who overshadowed him a bit. Anyway, my man Claude eventually became the ace of the staff after those two hall-of-famers' careers ended. When he was traded after 9 solid seasons with the Dodgers he brought in quite a haul, slugger Jimmy Wynn!, another one of my favorties, whose Astros and Dodgers cards are in one of my equally vaunted 100 RBI men binders since those are the two teams he accomplished the feat with.

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