95 Showbiz/Showbiz


I don't know why it took me so long to figure this out but it just dawned on me that leading men Ray Milland (The Lost Weekend/The Big Clock/Dial M For Murder) and Gary Cooper (Sergeant York/Pride Of The Yankees/High Noon) share a likeness. Both of these guys were awesome but I guess if I had to pick my favorite of the two it's Ray since later on he got into some pretty wild thriller/suspense stuff like Premature Burial, X-The Man With The X-Ray Eyes, Panic In The Year Zero, and even Frogs where the dastardly croakers got him in the end, and other wacky flicks. Then endearing himself to me more he was in Escape To Witch Mountain, pure fun old Disney fare which I find is always a hoot. Calling them separated at birth might be a stretch but there's definitely a similar look especially with these 2 pix.

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