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It finally dawned on me after many years why I identified with hunky Irish actor Liam Neeson so much. It's because he reminds me of Boston Red Sox hero and baseball hall-of-famer Carl Yastrzemski! See here for yourself with Liam then Yaz both younger on left then Liam then Yaz both older on right. I would have to say Liam Neeson (Darkman/Schindler's List/Rob Roy) is one of my favorite actors, appearing in more movies I thought were awesome than just about anyone else. Any kid growing up in New England in the '60s thru early '80s, especially in Boston like me, was well-aquainted with 'Yaz' (he showed up at Plain Cool Baseball Cards also) and how he helped get us so very close to that elusive world championship...we lost in the 7th and deciding game in both the '67 and '75 World Series (Ouch!) and came oh-so-close to getting into the league championship series some other years, '72 and '78 in particular (Ouch! again). Sox fans have really been spoiled recently as the Sox have done a lot more since then, even winning the whole enchilada three count 'em three times (2004,2007,2013). I still can't believe it. When the Chicago Cubs win one...there's another old franchise that's been snakebitten for a great many years in that respect...you just know everything has come full circle and the Apocalypse is imminent. You've got your Book of Revelations, your Saint Malachy, and other Doomsday prophets...me, I just watch the baseball standings.

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