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Now that I'm in a baseball mode (see previous #90) what about Yankee shortstop (and 3000 hit man!) Derek Jeter and former 'N SYNC-er Lance Bass. They both seem to maintain that boyish yea cherubic countenance though they aren't young guns anymore. Jeter is actually pretty likeable even for a diehard Red Sox fan like me. There are plenty of Bronx Bombers I have found detestable over the years but it's hard not to like some of 'em like him or Mariano Rivera or Hideki Matsui for example either. It's easy to forget Jeter is a member of the 100-RBI club since he's always usually batted at or near the top of the order but nevertheless (and you can look it up) he knocked in 102 back in '99...and for some reason his 100 ribbie season is a bigger deal to me than the 3000+ hits he amassed. I guess it puts you with the big boys...the sluggers and not the singles hitters...in my mind. Hey, it's a big deal to me so don't give me a hard time about it. I know you were thinking about it!

Anyway, it's funny how often I keep bumping into the ubiquitous Lance, not to the extent we all do with overexposed fellow ex-bandmate Justin Timberlake, but nonetheless quite a lot. One minute he's coming out in People magazine, then he's almost an astronaut, but later he's on Broadway doing Hairspray but then doesn't he almost win the DWTS competition on TV. Oh then he's making headlines marrying his male partner but then one day I see he's on the N.Y. Times Best-Seller List with his biography Out of Sync. But again recently, I'm adding to my Netflix queue and don't I run into a movie called On The Line from 2001. Even though romantic comedies are generally noy my thing, intrigued I checked it out and it was OK enough. And I still hear 'NSYNC songs on the radio sometimes. Darn they were catchy but no they didn't make it to either of my music lists Misakman's 1001 Greatest Songs of All-Time...20th Century or Misakman's 180 Greatest Songs of All-Time...21st Century. Let's not get carried away now.

See left pair (Derek then Lance) in action and then right pair (Derek then Lance again) just chilling and hopefully note the similarity I pick up between the two celebs.

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