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Hey, what's comic David Brenner doing on my baseball card? Wait, that's one Jim Wohlford. Who? Well yeah, I know he was no star ballplayer that anyone but older baseball fans would readily know but I just couldn't resist. Perhaps his inclusion here on the lofty platform that is this Misakman website merits him recognition, yea a level of immortality, above that achieved on the ballfield. David Brenner, quite the grinning wisecracker who I got a kick out of...was on The Tonight Show more than anyone else in history! I really have no trivia involving Jim Wohlford except that he was involved in the trade (going to the Milwaukee Brewers) that brought former 20 game winner Jim Colborn and future 100 RBI slugger Darrell Porter to the KC Royals. When I was a little kid, once you won 20 games or knocked in 100 RBI you got into my baseball card binder in one of those (9-card) protective sheets for all my friends and family to see...willingly or not. Everyone did seem to play along and at least feign interest when I presented my awesome album for their perusal though. If you were Jim Wohlford though, you stayed in the shoebox relegated to relative obscurity...until now of course!

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