89 Showbiz/Music


How 'bout the youngest of the affable Gibb clan, singer Andy (not a Bee Gee) Gibb, and actor Heath Ledger? Turns out Heath was from Australia by birth and Andy actually from England but spent much of his life in Australia. Anyway, both of these likeable heartthrob fellows died tragically and much too young. It was thought that poor Andy died of a drug overdose but it appears that it was more due to health woes exacerbated by years of drug abuse. Though some feel young Heath was bumped off, the general consensus is he succumbed to an accidental overdose. I just say no to drugs and alcohol for that matter. What the heck, I hate being dizzy anyway so why bother. It's funny it took me so long to come up with this pair. I've seen several Heath Ledger movies and every time I would say to myself he reminded me of someone but couldn't come up with it...then I happened across an old Andy Gibb album while rummaging through the cutout bins at the secondhand record shop and presto!...Separated at Birth #89 for your edification and entertainment dear Misakman dabbler. May God bless you and do remember to eat your vegetables.

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