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This is my first all-baseball one of these in a long time. Anyway, I say L.A. Dodger slugger (and 100 RBI club member!) Andre Ethier reminds me of famous N.Y. Mets hurler of the past Ron Darling. The most wins he ever had was 17 for the Mets (1988) but it's easy to forget he did pull off a 15 win season for the A's (1992) later on. Of course he was a big part of the '86 Mets team that won it all and broke Red Sox fans' hearts. It's easy to bump into him a lot on TV as a color commentator. Ethier is apparently a good friend of Sox star Dustin Pedroia. That's cool since that means he'd probably fit in well with the Sox. I'll take him especially if he can get back to knocking in 100 ribbies in a year again.

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