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Wow. You have to be absolutely kidding me this isn't the same guy using two different names. So I'm watching Behind Enemy Lines watching this naval officer named O'Malley asking permission to speak freely then talking to his superior, Gene Hackman as an admiral. I'm like hey, it's good old Robert Wuhl (Batman/Cobb (movies) then TV series Arliss) pictured on the left, but no, it's a totally different guy, David Keith, pictured on the right. I'm flabbergasted. I just give up. I just can't be sure of anything anymore.Don't mean to alarm you but I'm clearly rattled. Anyways, David Keith (Firestarter/An Officer And A Gentleman/Behind Enemy Lines) has been in tons of things and to make matters worse there's a Keith David out there who's in lots of films. But he's African-American and much different looking but nevertheless finds a way to heighten the confusion.

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