82 Showbiz/Literature


I guess if there are no more Harry Potter films left to do and they want to do one about the author herself they can get Laura Dern (left) to portray J.K. Rowling (right). Ms. Dern, most famous for being in the first Jurassic Park movie (with a brief appearance in the third one), is the daughter of actors Bruce Dern (great at playing jerks and psychos though he was a nice guy way back in that sci-fi flick Silent Running) and Diane Ladd who played the original Flo the waitress in the movie Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore. I always mix up Diane Ladd with Diana Rigg (Emma Peel on The Avengers TV series) but then I shouldn't trouble you with my problems. Perhaps you have enough of your own. Anyway, Bruce Dern holds the ignominious distinction of being the only person to kill John Wayne in a movie. It was in The Cowboys and the scumball shot him in the back!

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