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So I'm watching this movie Rob Roy and was amazed at Tim Roth's evil turn (Oscar-nominated I read later) as Archibald Cunningham. Then just a day or two later I'm watching the more recent Inglourious Basterds and can't help being impressed with the performance (Oscar-winning I read later) of the actor portraying the sly SS officer Hans Landa. But I knew from the opening credits of Inglorious Basterds that Tim Roth wasn't in it so just assumed since there was some guy named Eli Roth listed that it was his son or brother etc. playing Hans Landa but no...this Eli who is no relation anyway played some other role in the flick and it was a German actor Christoph Waltz. Ah well, see for yourself and tell me if I'm crazy. Anyway movie actor Tim Roth (Reservoir Dogs/Pulp Fiction/Rob Roy) also hit it big in TV, the series Lie to Me, and must have an amazing ability with accents because he's actually British and not American. As for this Christoph Waltz fellow (Inglourious Basterds/Green Hornet/Django Unchained)... I'm no Hollywood insider but I bet you anything director Quentin Tarantino who uses Tim Roth frequently in his movies couldn't find him available for Inglorious Basterds and probably saw a lot of Tim Roth in the talented Christoph.

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