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Did Harry Wayne Casey or 'KC' find time to take off from the grueling road grind with the Sunshine Band to compete in the Olympics in '76? No, I guess not. That would be Bruce Jenner, decathlon champion, a different guy altogether on the right. I think a big part of the confusion is that Bruce appeared in the incredible flop of a movie 'Can't Stop The Music' which featured another disco-era band the Village People. KC never made it to the front of a Wheaties box but does have the honor of appearing on Misakman's Greatest 1001 Songs of All-Time with an impressive 4 entries, 5 if you include the very KC&The Sunshine Band-ish Jimmy Bo Horne tune he produced that I loved. Anyway, decades have passed and nowadays these two don't look alike as much since it seems Bruce has had a lot of plastic surgery lately. It's not hard to bump into him on TV and in print too since he's the stepdad on 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians'. Maybe he should have a spinoff 'Keeping My Face Up While Keeping Up With The Kardashians.'

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