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Is it my imagination or does prolific actor Matt Dillon have kinduva Darrin from Bewitched thing going? Matt was in quite a few flicks as a teen (My Bodyguard/The Outsiders/The Flamingo Kid etc.) but of course has been very active as an adult actor too (Drugstore Cowboy/There's Something About Mary/You,Me & Dupree etc.) Dick York (They Came to Cordura/Inherit the Wind-both movies, then Bewitched-TV series) was a scream as the perpetually frustrated and wild-eyed husband on Bewitched, and I think most fans would agree it wasn't the same after he left and Dick Sargent assumed the role. Incidentally, it was a wrenching back injury Dick suffered right near the end of shooting the Cordura movie that eventually did him in as far as continuing as Darrin years later. That really was a shame. I do think we missed out on a lot of laughs with his silly mugging and funny reaction shots and carrying on and all playing off of Samantha's hijinks. Then they'd have his mother-in-law and later on his little daughter do mischievous witchcraft stuff to freak him out too. Ahhh...fun stuff!

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