78 Sports/Showbiz


Then we have pitcher Derek Lowe and action movie star Steven Seagal. D-Lo, known for his sinker and a member of the 20-game winner club from when he was with my Red Sox, bears an uncanny resemblance to our rough and tumble martial arts practitioner. So I turn on the tube the other say and all of a sudden I'm riding shotgun with tough guy Steve on his own reality show on A&E, Steven Seagal Lawman, where he dispenses his brand of justice as a real life deputy sheriff! Who knew? Then I hear the show is on hiatus due to some girl trouble, something D-Lo knows about (he was tabloid fodder for a while too), so the similarity continues. Well in the meantime till butt-kicking Steve is back on the streets I guess the world is one less safe place for you and me. Maybe I'll just stay home...and merely venture out for an occasional ball game...where perhaps D-Lo is pitching.

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