77 Sports/Music/Show Biz


Maybe hockey hall-of-famer Guy Lapointe was moonlighting once he got off the ice as a musician...the drummer for The Who. The maniacal Keith Moon of course died too young, a victim of his excesses. But then again, the stellar defenseman also reminds me a bit of the inept Inspector Clouseau of the pre-Steve Martin Pink Panther films played by the amazing Peter Sellers (also The Mouse That Roared/Dr. Strangelove/Being There). Then of course Peter Sellers died too soon as well, but it is well-known he had already damaged his heart at a young age due to his decadent ways.

Anyway, I gotta admit it was very weird seeing Guy Lapointe in my Boston Bruins black and gold uniform near the end of his career after he had played so many seasons for our nemesis the Montreal Canadiens. He had played a bit with the St. Louis Blues in between and that was strange enough to get used to. I felt the same way when Tony Perez played for the Red Sox later in his career after helping dash our World Series victory hopes in '75 with the Big Red Machine. Just couldn't put that big homer he hit off Bill Lee behind me. Some things are too haunting. And don't tell me to 'Get Over It!' either. That's just never going to happen. If I want to be eternally traumatized then let me!

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