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Come to think of it, doesn't Boston bad boy R&B singer Bobby Brown have kinduva Slim Harpo thing going? When I first ran into the album cover on the right I was like, “Hey, did Bobby Brown put out some kind of a retro thing or a blues album?” But no, it was an old pic of Slim (don't call me Whitman) Harpo whose supercool Scratch My Back which was in the vaunted Misakman's Top 1001 Songs Of All-Time.

You do see it quite often actually, artists jumping genres to do something different so I wasn't crazy thinking that. Popster Cyndi Lauper put a blues album out in 2010 and rocker Rod Stewart has done all those standards on his 'The Great American Songbook' collection. Ray Charles did country and Elvis did gospel and there are many other examples I could give. It's usually done only by the most established artists since you run the risk of alarming or alienating your core audience. Some fans might think that you turned your back on them or that you think you're too good for them anymore. As a result, they might turn on you which could really hurt when you go back to what style made you famous prior to your dalliance with the different genre. Because when fans get fickle you're in a pickle where you can't earn a nickel and that doesn't tickle. I just made that up. I know that was kinda lame but look, I went rap for just one sentence so don't be like that and call me a sellout and leave me now!

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