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So I'm watching the NBA Finals (see previous) yet getting into the Misakman Separated at Birth mode and don't I come up with another one. Yes, I suppose I should've been concentrating more on the game and less on trying to entertain and enlighten you but as you know, I'm the gift that just keeps on giving. What a guy!...if I don't say so myself. Actually, I'm the only one who says that. I guess you're too shy to come right out and declare it that's all. I'm glad we had this chat and confirmed that though you don't feed my megalomaniacal ego with the perpetual overt acknowledgements of my awesomeness it craves, there's a tacit understanding that is reassuring nonetheless. See, no insecurities here. Why else would you be all the way into #75? But what if you just kept going because you wanted to see if anything could really suck so badly for so long. Now I'm shaken...

Anyway, what about Lakers guard Derek Fisher known for his clutch play and solid presence on the court for many a season and rapstar/actor L.L. Cool J (Deep Blue Sea/Any Given Sunday/S.W.A.T.-movies-but then In The House/NCIS:Los Angeles-TV shows as well). It's easy as a Celtics fan to hate all the detestable Lakers for some reason or another but it's hard not to like and respect Fisher. I particularly like L.L. cool J since he has a song where he rhymes antelope with canteloupe. It was on It Gets No Rougher on his Walking With A Panther album as he brags of how he handles rival rappers who step to him...“...stop 'em like a cheetah and an antelope. Then I cut 'em like a canteloupe...”

You gotta love that! Kooky stuff! Priceless.

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