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Watching the 2010 NBA Finals I couldn't help wonder where the hell I'd seen commentator/ex-coach Jeff Van Gundy before. It definitely wasn't his brother Stan (also an NBA coach) I was thinking of either since they don't look a whole lot alike to me. Ah yes, it was good old Vincent Shiavelli, the late great character actor, a guy you've definitely seen a million times (One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest/Fast Times At Ridgemont High/Tomorrow Never Dies..to name a few) and always said, "Hey there's 'that guy' again!" OK so Jeff isn't nearly as tall and gangly and droopy-faced as our distinctive-looking actor friend but he does remind me of him anyway.

Don't you agree? If not, just smile and pretend you do. I'm a sensitive soul and such a crisis in confidence would trouble me. Already today the guy at the minimart didn't offer me a bag with my purchase like he usually does and the girl at the fast food drive through window didn't say thanks when she handed me my change like I'm used to her doing. I can't have you turning on me too now.

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