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I was watching Jurassic Park and figured the bad guy was the familiar Josh Mostel (Stoogemania, City Slickers-see photo, Billy Madison) but it turns out it's Wayne Knight (also Newman from Seinfeld and Officer Don Orville from 3rd Rock TV shows). You just can't hang your hat on anything these days I guess. Then much to my dismay I was checking out the cast of Animal House and realized Flounder was played by neither of these guys. but by a Stephen Furst. Adding to the confusion must have been that Josh was in the short-lived TV series Delta House which was based on Animal House, but he didn't play Flounder where Stephen Furst reprised his role but played John Belushi's 'John Bluto' Blutarsky movie character who albeit was called 'Jim Blotto' Blutarsky on TV land to make matters worse!

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