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Then we have racecar driver Jeff Gordon and Baseball Hall-of-Famer and 3000 hit club member Paul Molitor. I don't know why it took me so long to see this one. Probably because I don't follow NASCAR much and a lot of the time Jeff is sporting dark sunglasses. Anyway, I couldn't decide which photo pair was more alike so on the left we have Jeff then Paul sans headwear and on the right Jeff then Paul donning chapeaus. When you think about it, if Molitor hadn't lost so many games to injury- I'd say 3-4 seasons worth over the course of his career which went from '78-'98- maybe he'd have had say 1000 or so more hits and wound up the all-time hit leader surpassing Pete Rose. But that's why Charlie Hustle is on top of the list. He was tougher than anyone else. I don't think Ted or Joe D woulda caught him either even if they hadn't gone to war and lost those ballplaying years. Oh yeah, the stupid player's strikes in '81 and '94 (and a little bit of '95 too) didn't help Pablo-Mo's total either.

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