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Then there's scowlers basketballer Joakim Noah and Hollywood badguy James Remar (The Warriors/48 Hrs/Cotton Club). Jaokim doesn't appear to be much of a scorer but seems to be all over the court. Actually, he's the son of tennis great Yannik Noah in case he rings a bell but you were thinking of someone else. I don't know what it is with me but I do seem to refer to the movie "The Warriors" a lot in these 'Separated at Birth' installments. I know there were a lot of crazy gangs in that picture but wasn't the bat-wielding gang that was a cross between Kiss and the N.Y. Yankees the wildest one? Kinda makes up for the fact that the cops didn't really look or act like real cops though and the lame-o gang on roller skates was pretty unconvincing and.....See? I'm getting out of hand with the whole Warriors thing again! Ah whatever...Everybody's gotta have their favorite something I guess.

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