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John Rhys-Davies or Sallah from the Indiana Jones movies (also The Living Daylights/The Lost World/Lord Of The Rings trilogy) always brings to mind opera star Luciano Pavarotti. The esteemed British actor also has a booming voice reminiscent of the great Italian tenor along with the similar features and facial hair. Pavarotti might have hung around too long judging from the fact that near the end he was even booed sometimes by performance attendees who felt he was not up to par and coasting on his rep. But of course if he cancelled at the last minute or did any lip-synching to save his voice or the show he'd be slammed too. Then back in Italy especially and in various hidebound classical circles they disdained his self-promotion and commercialism though it brought the world of opera to millions of new fans. Ah! Sometimes you just can't win.

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