64 Culinary/Showbiz


So I run into this Paula Deen recently on the cover of a magazine and I'm like..."But I thought I heard in the news that Suzanne Pleshette died recently." I don't watch The Food Network or follow the culinary arts so I had no idea the photo was of this actually quite famous Paula lady.

Anyway, this Paula Deen has books and TV shows and has interviews and recipes in all kinds of magazines etc. so I've been running into her more often now, but I still swear she does look like an older Suzanne Pleshette (The Birds/Nevada Smith/Support Your Local Gunfighter) but of course most famous as wife Emily on the Bob Newhart Show.

I HAVE made omelettes before and even heated up my Chunky canned soups on the stovetop too! I am quite proud of that. I can't say I've ever attempted to do anything inside the oven before though. I have relegated myself to the microwave exclusively. Some sort of self-imposed exile from the forbidden zone. Seems pretty time-consuming too the whole cooking/baking/roasting etc thing anyway. And I definitely think the status quo is safer for me and the insurance company.



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