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I always had sort of a crush on the lovely and mysterious Genevieve Bujold (King Of Hearts/Earthquake/Obsession) and so when Adrienne Barbeau, the daughter Carol in the Maude TV show, came along I couldn't help liking her too. Actually they both kinda have that Jackie O look, especially Genevieve Bujold in Anne Of A Thousand Days when she appears so royally. You can catch Adrienne Barbeau in some pretty cool movies too (The Fog (1980 version)/Escape From N.Y./Swamp Thing). I didn't figure to see Genevieve Bujold in anything as physically demanding as the horror/action stuff Adrienne Barbeau appeared in but then there she is in Swashbuckler from '76 engaging in plenty of swordplay and derring-do! Yeah I know they have stunt doubles but they don't do everything.

I don't have many female Sep. At Birth pairs but I just thought of another one for #64. Does this paucity of examples mean women are more special, somehow uniquely beautiful and different from one another unlike men? Indeed, now that I think of it, in all the female photo pairs I come up with I don't present them as dead ringers but just say they remind me of each other. Hmmm...either I'm getting soft or maybe there is something to this theory.

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