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How about The White Shadow TV series cast member Ed Bernard who played Principal Jim Willis on the show and Hall-of-Fame baseball player Eddie Murray? I always felt they should have given Ed Bernard (Police Woman-TV show cast member/and Across 110th St./Blue Thunder-movie roles) more episodes and an expanded role on The White Shadow because well...he was quietly cool like Baltimore Oriole great Eddie Murray. A reassuring solid character actor, he was also a steady presence much like 'Steady Eddie' Murray who rarely missed a game. Eddie did play for several other teams after leaving the O's and even had a 100 RBI season for the Dodgers but yeah, we all automatically think of him in an Oriole uniform from his heyday. BoSox slugger Jim Rice always kinda reminded me of these guys too actually. Not so much that I would include his pic here also but enough to mention it because after all, I know how desparately you want me to share with you everything that crosses my brilliant mind.



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