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Then we have two of my absolute favorites!!! I love these guys! Master impressionist Frank Gorshin, The Riddler from the Batman TV Series and who was in movies too (Studs Lonigan/Batman-the 1966 one/That Darn Cat) and movie star Richard Widmark (Kiss Of Death/The Last Wagon/Cheyenne Autumn). Gorshin's impressions, especially those of Kirk Douglas, Richard Burton, and Burt Lancaster, are a must-see...beyond funny! If you happen upon old clips at you-tube etc. of him in action doing these, then you're in for a real hoot. And of course his wacky Riddler is unparalleled. I betcha crazy Jim Carrey who more recently chewed up the scenery playing that character to the hilt would even admit that. I get the biggest kick out of Richard Widmark movies. Usually, if he's not playing an out-and-out bad guy he's a conflicted bad guy trying to become good or a good guy conflicted about having to do bad things in the line of duty or something. Anyway, I always thought these two kinda resembled one another. I wonder if Frank Gorshin ever did a Richard Widmark impression. If he did and I ever got hold of it, more than likely I would pee myself laughing. Submittted here are Frank then Rich stills on the left.. followed by Frank then Rich in action on the right.



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