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OK, let's switch gears and bet back to (show) business. I just started riffing on the baseball theme and the last four just came flying along. Anyway, the beloved Jon 'Bowzer' Bauman of Sha Na Na fame evokes a lanky Jeff Goldblum (Adv. Of Buckaroo Banzai/The Fly ('86 version)/Jurassic Park 1 & 2) especially when both were in their younger days. Nowadays I'd say our pal Bowzer reminds me more of funnyman Brad Garrett of the celebrated Raymond TV cast. Everybody likes Bowzer. Who doesn't get a kick out of him and that wacky pose he always does? If you don't go for that schtick I think you are way too cynical for me. C'mon give me a break already and lighten up. Look, there are not that many entertainers who transcend age groups like he does. Who else? Maybe Mr. T espec. back in the day.

Ya know if you watch the very first Death Wish from 1974 with Charles Bronson you see him waste an unknown Jeff Goldblum, one of the goofballs that stalked then brutalized his wife in the movie. And later on he wastes another familiar not yet famous face for a different offense and it's none other than Lawrence Hilton Jacobs (Freddie Boom-Boom Washington of Welcome Back Kotter!). And if you're that same Bowzer-hater from before you probably don't find that trivia funny and interesting either and so really Mr. Sourpuss, what are you doing on such a pop-culture-laden website as mine. Get outta town buddy while me and my friends proceed to more nonsense at Separated at Birth #60!



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