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How 'bout colorful baseball slugger Jeffrey Leonard and the late great rapper Tupac Shakur? Jeff always kept his sullen game face on, earning him the apt nickname 'Penetentiary Face'. His 'Cadillac' home-run trot would rankle opposing teams too since they felt it was too drawn out. Then of course he circled the bases with that famous 'one-flap down' style, one arm staying motionless by his side throughout, to further make them feel he was showboating. This was all very cool with me. As a fan I found it highly entertaining. He didn't seem to give a hoot if he pissed them off and one look at his expression confirmed it. Though this here is an Astros card, he's best remembered for his years with the S.F. Giants when he and Will The Thrill Clark formed a potent 1-2 punch espec during their playoff run in '87. He defintely had that bravado and that swagger that all good rappers like Tupac have. Anyway, I always felt maybe Jeff should lighten up once in a while and enjoy life a bit. You could be gone tomorrow as evidenced by how quickly the great Tupac was taken from us.

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