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Hurler Greg Maddux's manager is informing him on the mound here, "Hey, don't look now but your doppelganger is sitting in the stands right behind first base!" That would be Matthew Broderick! (WarGames/Ferris Bueller's Day Off/Election). Maddux doesn't throw much heat at all but with great location and guile, has kept batters off balance to the tune of 4 straight Cy Young Awards ('92-'95) and membership in the exclusive 300 win club. In fact the future hall-of-famer is kind of the anti-Kerry Wood (see previous) but still manages to get the job done. Too bad about Matt's car wreck back in '87 with the two ladies in the car he hit in Ireland perishing and all. I betcha the different traffic rules screwed him up as far as which side of the road to travel on. Either that or he just wasn't watching the road with all the exciting yet distracting new sights. That episode has spooked me so much to this day that honestly, if I ever go abroad I'm afraid I'll mess up and so I ain't gonna do no driving myself.



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