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Then we have long lost sisters Karen Carpenter of the Carpenters singing group (with her brother Richard) and actress Karen Allen (Raiders of the Lost Ark/Starman/The Sandlot). It's especially in the smile. It's really sad Karen left us so tragically and while still so young. I really feel she had one of the most interesting and distinctive voices ever in pop music. She sounds wise beyond her years. I'm not a big fan of soft-rock or easy-listening or whatever you want to call it (see how few entries I have for this genre on my All-Time Top Songs list elsewhere on this site), but the Carpenters records were good. I still say Ms. Allen's spunky heroine Marion was one of the most engaging characters, certainly the most memorable heroine, in the whole Raiders series that followed. I missed her when she wasn't in the sequels. Looks like she appears in the 4th one about the Crystal Skull though. Like an old friend we finally get to see again. Nice!



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