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Wow! A milestone. We have reached the half-century mark with this here installment of Misakman's Separated at Birth. I never woulda thought I'd come up with 50 of these silly bits. Well let's continue on with our merry little show...

Esteemed international film star Maximilian Schell (Topkapi/The Odessa File/Cross Of Iron) and magician extraordinaire David Copperfield. But when when I see these guys I can't help think of a young Neil Diamond for some reason. Admittedly, the Neil thing's a stretch but hey, there must be something to it if that's what always pops into my head. Either that or I'm just losing it here at #50.

I kinda like schlockmeister Neil. I get a big kick out of him. I mean he has such an interesting and unique voice and delivery style that I always stop the scan button when I run into him. Maybe it's because he has such a commanding way that it's like he's commanding me to stop and listen.

Incidentally, my favorite performance of Mr. Schell was in Heidi where he played Heidi's father, Herr Richard Sesemann. It's a 1968 TV movie though and not one of the several versions of Heidi that anyone thinks of first. However, the infamous "Heidi Game" of football lore does indeed refer to our Max's Heidi! They still talk about this incident to this day where NBC cut short the telecast of what many consider to be the most exciting football game ever to cut to the charming little movie. This outraged thousands of sports fans throughout the country but some parents must have been happy that the movie started at 7PM as scheduled and the kiddies got to bed on time after the movie...that is if dad wasn't STILL screaming and cursing from a few hours before.


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