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Everybody's favorite TV waitress Alice (actress/singer Linda Lavin) and film star Anne Bancroft (The Miracle Worker/The Graduate/To Be Or Not To Be). I always had a soft spot for Alice and evidently, so did most of America too since the show ran for.....9 years! And the answer is NO!...I was not a fly-by-night post-Flo dropout. Annie was so young and adorable in her debut, the B&W Marilyn flick 'Don't Bother To Knock', that I just melted whenever she came on the screen. I guess everyone felt her real last name Italiano was a bit too ethnic so they changed it to the very WASP-y Bancroft. Well that's showbiz. I think this publicity photo of Anne comes from when she was in the disaster movie The Hindenburg in which she was memorable as the Countess.

Just like Mr. Deeds got a turkey rating as I mentioned in Sep. at Birth #46 so did The Hindenburg which I nevertheless found thoroughly engrossing. Had a blast watching it. What is it with me then? I seem to like everything. Maybe it's denial. Like if I admit to myself I didn't like a movie then I'm admitting I wasted money and I was a fool. No, that's not it. It's that you joyless empty shells with the bad reviews are just plain party-poopers. Yeah you. And yeah buddy, for your information I was crazy about all the Airport flicks too! And if you condescendingly scoffed at that admission then go pound sand! And then go fly a kite! Ooh I'm good and pissed off right now. You've got my blood boiling now. You wanna piece of me buddy? You want summa dis yo? You're that same guy who berates poor Alice and sends her back to Mel in the kitchen a dozen times to say the steak ain't done right aren't you? Well I got no more time for you. Me and all my friends with a sense of humor are moving onto Sep. at Birth #50. Enjoy your sand and your kite. GOOD DAY!


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