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I was watching the movie Alice's Restaurant the other day and kept wondering as I watched Arlo Guthrie, "Where have I seen this guy before?". The next day it finally dawned on me that it was funnyman Adam Sandler (The Wedding Singer/The Waterboy/Anger Management) I was thinking about. They both share similar appearance and mannerisms and wise-guy attitude. I wish jaded old critics with a bad attitude who just don't 'get' Adam Sandler would just quit it. I mean I read an amazingly scathing review of Mr. Deeds, but then I watched it and enjoyed it. Especially the part with 'The Monopoly Guy'. Look for that part if you rent it. I laughed my ass off there. Incidentally Arlo, son of folk music giant Woody, has performed and/or written some of the most truly enjoyable songs in recent memory in his own right (City of New Orleans/Coming into Los Angeles/The Motorcycle (Pickle) Song) in addition to the Alice's Restaurant Massacree song from the aforementioned movie.


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