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Whether as a brash, bratty, bandana-clad youngster or a more sedate older gentleman, it's enescapable.... tennis legend John Macenroe still reminds one of goofball comic Pauly Shore of MTV fame (also movies like Son In Law/In The Army Now/Pauly Shore Is Dead). Pauly actually did a funny skit once where he played Macenroe and I've even seen him on a You-Tube clip cracking a joke about how much he looks like him. Come to think of it, maybe they are related though. Macenroe is famous for his outbursts (particularly berating linejudges), but then Pauly once issued a well-known rant putting down black comics that was very Macenroe-esque. I think Pauly has since patched things up with the colleagues he seemed to be bitterly railing against. He appeared drunk or high or suffering from lack of sleep when he said those things so maybe we give him the benefit of the doubt.


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