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Boy, these guys are dead ringers if you ask me.

Screen legend Spencer Tracy (Boy's Town/Jekyll &Mr. Hyde (1941)/It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World) also known for his many memorable pairings with Katherine Hepburn and grizzled pro James Whitmore (Black Like Me/Tora! Tora! Tora!/ Give 'Em Hell Harry).

Sci-fi fans will be quick to point out that it's James Whitmore behind that lifelike ape costume playing the General Of The Assembly, one of the wise apes, in 1968's groundbreaking Planet Of The Apes. Not much of a detective, I was never able to match up any of the actors with the apes they portayed in that movie or any of the sequels even if I knew who to look for from the opening credits. I also can't whistle. I have trouble going back from someplace the way I came trying to reverse the lefts and the rights and I tend to screw up and get lost. I'm not good at folding clothes the nice way they were folded before I opened 'em up to look at them. I have a lot of hidden talents but these are not among them. My parents loved me anyway.



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