22 Showbiz/Showbiz

Underrated John Beck (Rollerball '75/Sleeper/Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid) and Nick Nolte (North Dallas Forty/48 Hrs/Weeds etc.). I feel they may have started to resemble each other even more over the years so here they are side by side (left) as younger guys and side by side (right) as older guys. I was psyched when Beck (Moonpie! from Rollerball) showed up as Mark Graison in the nighttime soap Dallas for a while. I liked the show anyway but that made it even more fun. Couldn't bear watching Nolte get all lovey-dovey w/Ms. Streisand (Ugh!Eeeks!Arf Arf!) in Prince of Tides (1991). He deserves a special MisakMan award for being such a trooper and doing it so convincingly like he was enjoying it.

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