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I guess Sep. at Birth #13 got me thinking about the movie 'The Warriors'. I think one reason I liked this movie so much is that though most people miss the link, it's based on Homer's Odyssey which I enjoyed studying in high school. They even use a lot of the ancient names--Ajax, Cyrus, Cleon, etc.--to clue you in on the inspiration. Anyway, Masai, the angry guy who takes over the Riffs gang in the Warriors movie once Cyrus is shot and killed, reminds me a lot of rapper MC Hammer. Not only do they look alike but they speak alike. Masai clearly enunciates his words in a shouting, stentorian, yet measured way. It's sounds to me a lot like how Hammer rapped years later. Man did Hammer sink fast though. I think the lame Addams family song, the repetitive Too Legit to Quit song, and those pathetic KFC ads all conspired to make him corny in a hurry. Still luv 'Turn This Mutha Out' though. Lotsa fun that song (and the video). The memorable Masai character was played by an Edward Sewer who isn't listed as appearing in any other TV/Movie stuff except this one flick. Oh well, he certainly made it count.

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