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How can the dad from 'That '70s Show' not be the dad from 'Mork and Mindy'? Yet they are different guys: Kurtwood Smith and Conrad Janis. For some reason (their big round bald heads must have something to do with it), I start channeling Gazoo, the Flintstones Martian when I see either of these guys. I'm not sure if that makes sense but that's the phenomenon which occurs. Perhaps that is silly. In fact, yes it is silly. Things have gotten way out of control here at 'Separated at Birth #20'. Gazoo? Am I finally cracking? It's best you get yourself out of here.

Click NEXT for #21. I seem to be self-destructing here and it's getting ugly, but I promise I will have regained my reason by the time you get to the next one.

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