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I always figured The Harry Mudd character from the Star Trek episodes might be Rob Reiner, the Meathead Michael Stivic from the All in the Family sitcom. It turned out that he was played by a character actor named Robert Carmel. It was Sep. at Birth #18 w/Shatner that got me into this Star Trek mode. No sooner did I finish that one then this one just popped back up into my head. Never liked how they explained away Meathead's whereabouts in the Sally Struthers spinoff 'Gloria'. If I remember correctly, they said he just split on her and the baby and joined some religious cult. Ridiculous. He was a very devoted guy. So some lazy sitcom writer offers us some convenient yet implausible explanation for Mike not being on the new show and in one stupid swoop of the pen, shatters all the respect and trust we had for the guy in spite of Archie's bigoted opinion. So it's like Archie was right all those years and he WAS a meathead after all and we got duped? Bull! That 'Gloria' was an early 80's spinoff that hardly anyone remembers but I'm still pissed about it. An insulting slap in the face to all the viewers who grew to like Mike.

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