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I always thought these two guys kinda looked alike. Tom 'Terrific' Seaver and Star Trek's Captin James T. Kirk (William Shatner). They also both seemed to have that similar chtuzpah or self-assured almost smug attitude and look about them. If Seaver had been healthy I'm sure my Sox would have won the World Series in '86. It was always some mishap to derail us prior to 2004. No Conig in'67, no Rice in '75 etc. etc. Shatner and Co. surprised me with Star Trek 4- The Voyage Home (Yaknow, the one with the whales). I fully expected it to be tired and lousy. I was probably jaded since I had just finished viewing Superman 4-The Quest for Peace which was horrible. But it was a lot of fun. Had a ball watching it!

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