100 Showbiz/Showbiz

Ah! I've finally reached the 100 entries milestone and with a bang!...with my all-time favorite action movie star!. But first on the left we have well-known comedian Dave Foley (NewsRadio TV sitcom /The Kids In The Hall TV sketch comedy before that/ and he was even in the movie Monkeybone) and on the right...also with that boyish kinda baby-faced look... highly decorated war hero and later actor Audie Murphy (To Hell And Back/Ride Clear Of Diablo/No Name On The Bullet) and a gazillion other (mostly) westerns. Many classify his flicks as B westerns but of course he's my guy so they are A in my book. Even when he wasn't playing a cowboy/lawman/outlaw etc. in one of his westerns or a soldier/officer in one of his war movies I'm still a big fan. Like in World In My Corner (boxer) or The Gun Runners (charter boat skipper) or heck, even Trunk To Cairo (spy). He may have been only like 5 ft 5...which makes even me a little bit taller than him... but I think that Audie Murphy was just as cool and badass as towering guys like John Wayne and Clint Eastwood etc.

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