10 Showbiz/Music

Popular, easy-going radio and TV music show host Donnie Simpson and smooth-singing J.T. Taylor of Kool &The Gang. Gotta give props to Donnie. He's a likable and relaxing dude and you never seem to end up switching the channel on him whereas most television 'personalities' tend to wear on your nerves pretty quickly and have you grabbing for the remote in no time. I know J.T. was a big part of the group's huge resurgence in the '80s but as good as he was, he doesn't do it for me. I don't pull out those CDs. Nah! The '70's stuff, man! The heavy funkateer stuff goes right to my gut--Jungle Boogie/Soul Vibrations/Rated X/Good Times/Higher Plane/Funky Man--all pre-J.T.'s arrival. I guess they had to evolve (and get smoother) like the Isleys and the Commodores etc. did but I'm not in the music business so I don't have to!

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