My friend Xavier was feeling lousy so took a day off from his job selling Xerox copiers to go to the clinic. On his way there he was accosted by one Xerxes of Xanadu who claimed he had the rare X-factor that no doctor possessed, the ability to immediately diagnose ailments without x-rays or other extensive and expensive medical exams. Xavier, being a bit xenophobic, didn't really trust people from exotic lands, but was intrigued. Xerxes then told Xavier he had a gluten allergy and merely needed to find items with xanthan gum as a substitute. After following the advice exactly Xavier exulted, "I feel so excellent that I'm going to build that xylophone for Xavier Jr. in time for X-mas. That Xanthippe-like wife of mine can do all the X-rated expletive-laced cussing she wants about the extra noise he'll make. And that Xerxes...he belongs with the X-Men!"