There are currently over 250 players enshrined in the Baseball Hall Of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y. Yet there are quite a few guys that stick out in my mind as potential hall-of-famers. Now I wouldn't say that all 101 of these guys should be in there but I do say they are indeed worthy of consideration ahead of everyone else among those who played in the '50s or later and have retired. Some of these players have actually had good support in the past and have even been close to getting elected.

  Some of the guys on the list are not in the Hall of Fame yet since they retired recently and haven't come up on a ballot yet. In that case I asterisked the name and then mentioned in the adjoining column the year they will first be eligible. I only put those players on here if I felt they weren't going to get in on the first ballot anyway. That is why Yankees Jeter and Rivera aren't on here. I believe they are shoo-ins.

  There were some other great ballplayers that were close to making my list, but I wanted to keep it at 101 just like my other extremely awesome lists located elsewhere on the site. In a similar vein the very amazing audio music clips section is 1001 songs strong. So there, I am providing continuity for you my wonderful visitor and isn't that such a nice thing in this world of upheaval and turmoil?

  Among the guys who didn't quite make it on the list might be some of your personal favorites who you might include if you made up your own such list. Anyway, it's just my personal list and not meant to be a definitive one. That's what makes baseball so great. Folks debate and argue about this stuff all the time everywhere especially at the barrooms. Not to mention at pubs, taverns, saloons, speakeasies, lounges, alehouses, beer gardens, rathskellers,and  cantinas. Just not bistros. Annoying self-absorbed people are too busy there staring at their stupid I-phones or gabbing away about whatever.....but I'm not bitter.....

  Guys that came super close (to making my list, not the hall of fame) were Mel Stottlemyre, Dewey Evans, Rusty Staub, Bill Buckner, John Olerud, Steve Finley, and Mickey Vernon among others. Had to make the cut someplace. After them I was also a big fan of David Justice, Mike Sweeney, Danny Tartabull, Dean Palmer, even Ryan Howard though he struck out a ton, but since I did want to keep the list at 101 they do not appear. Kinduva bummer but...It is what it is. If you have compiled a near hall-of-famer list yourself it would be cool to know close or far off we are ( Now take a trip down memory lane and ENJOY!

  Note: Players are grouped by position and then within that position they are listed chronologically from debut year.




Gill Hodges
Dom Dimaggio
Roy Face

Ted Kluszewski
Del Ennis

John Franco

Boog Powell

Carl Furillo

Billy Wagner

Dick Allen

Vic Wertz

Lee May

Minnie Minoso


Steve Garvey

Harvey Kuenn

Billy Pierce

Keith Hernandez

Rocky Colavito

Lew Burdette

Mark McGwire

Frank Howard

Vern Law

Rafael Palmeiro

Vada Pinson

Mike Cuellar

Don Mattingly

Tony Oliva

Jim Kaat

Tino Martinez

Pete Rose

Dave McNally

Carlos Delgado

Al Oliver

Tommy John

Todd Helton*
Elig. 2019
Dave Parker

Mickey Lolich

Paul Konerko*
Elig. 2020
Dale Murphy

Luis Tiant

Mark Teixeira*
Elig. 2022
George Bell
Dennis Leonard

Adrian Gonzalez
Elig. 2023 Joe Carter
Ron Guidry

Barry Bonds
Dave Stewart

Fred McGriff
Orel Hershiser

Junior (Jim) Gilliam
Gary Sheffield
Roger Clemens

Willie Randolph

Albert (Joey) Belle
Jamie Moyer
Lou Whitaker
Juan Gonzalez
Jack McDowell
Jeff Kent
Sammy Sosa
Kevin Brown

Larry Walker
Curt Schilling

Moises Alou
Andy Pettitte* Elig. 2019
Marty Marion
Bernie Williams
Johan Santana
Johnny Pesky
Jim Edmonds

Maury Wills
Manny Ramirez

Dave Concepcion

Garret Anderson

Julio Franco
Johnny Damon

Omar Vizquel
Jermaine Dye

Alex Rodriguez* Elig.  2022 Andruw Jones

Miguel Tejada*
Bobby Abreu* Elig. 2020

Jimmy Rollins* Elig. 2022 Maggio Ordonez

Michael Young* Elig. 2019 Carlos Beltran

Lance Berkman* Elig. 2019


Carlos Lee

Frank Malzone

Ken Boyer

Matt Williams

Scott Rolen

Aramis Ramirez* Elig. 2021


Joe Torre (As player)

Thurman Munson

Ted Simmons

Jorge Posada

Victor Martinez Elig. 2023

Joe Mauer Elig. 2023


Edgar Martinez

David Ortiz* Elig. 2022