Even though you are by now probably as fouled up as I am if you have read through part 1, I will further addle your brain with another set. And to think you were a confident unconfused happy and well-adjusted person of sound mind and body before you fatefully got sucked into the vortex of this abyss known as Misakman.com


Magic Sam/Magic Slim/Guitar Slim/Lightning Slim/Lightning Hopkins/Screaming Jay Hawkins/Howling Wolf...One guy seems to lead your mind to another guy and so on. You know these blues guys are aware of each other and must be doing this on purpose. Just like all the "King" guitarists from Pt 1.

Revisited:  I know I had this in Pt 1 but... Brian Jones/Mick Taylor/Mick Jones/Ron Wood...Of
course Ron Wood looks like Rod Stewart (Ron,Rod similar names) and they were both in The Faces! And there were two Mick Joneses!! Anyway, now add to this the esteemed Mott the Hoople rocker Mick Ronson. He has the Mick thing going from the Joneses and Taylor and the Ron from Ron Wood. Yikes! Then there's another Ron with a short last name, Ronnie Lane, who was in, you guessed it, The Faces!

Men Without Hats/Men At Work...Haven't heard from them in a while. If they hit the road together they can call it the Men Without Hits/Men Out of Work Tour

WhiteSnake/GreatWhite/WhiteLion...Be careful here. You don't want to pin the nightclub fire fiasco on the wrong guys. It was the 2nd group by the way. That's still a tough one to come to grips with because it was so senseless and avoidable.

Boyz2Men/B2K/BelBivDevoe...Did all these R&B boy groups have to start with the letter B? Not only from the same musical genre but they sounded and looked alike too.

The Dells/The Delfonics/The Del Vikings...Del Shannon's above the fray Thank God. He's a solo artist and not a group name so I don't confuse him with them. "Didn't I Blow Your Mind This Time" with this entry? I hope not.

Frankie Valli/Franki Avalon/Frankie Laine...We'll leave Sergio 'Volare' Franchi out of this.

Jerry Vale/Bobby Vee/Bobby Vinton...Too many easy-listening white guy V singers out there.

Otis Rush/Otis Clay/Otis Spann/Otis Day (&the Knights)/O.V. Wright...All these Blues R&B Otises you keep running into. Or is it Otisi plural? I worship Otis Redding though so I don't confuse him with anybody!

Henry Mancini/Ray (Boom Boom) Mancini/Rocky Marciano/Rocky Graziano....How did the guy who wrote the Pink Panther Theme get mixed up with a bunch of pugnacious pugilists? I dunno but I still get screwed

Richie Havens/Richie Valens/Johnny Rivers/Jimmy Rodgers... If you happen to buy a greatist hits package of one guy thinking it's the other guy, don't despair. All 4 of these accomplished troubadours are worth having in your collection anyway!

Brenda Lee/Peggy Lee/Shirley Lee....all singers! But they lead to Michelle Lee actress and then Sara Lee so now I'm hungry. Want cheesecake. Bye.


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