Is there anything more fun than poking through all the stuff at the used record store? I always had Cheapo's in Cambridge and Nuggets in Boston. What a complete blast. I think those places will always be around while behemoths like Tower and HMV crumble. Anyway, here are some musical mix-ups.

Mary Wilson/Nancy Wilson...Which one's the Supreme and which one is the jazz singer?
Iggy Pop/Ian Dury...They were both kinda goofballs too
Todd Rundgren/Nils Lofgren/Kenny Loggins...Lofgren's name is guilty of creating all the confusion.No one mixes up Kenny w/Todd
BlackFoot/Black Oak Arkansas...Both Southern Rockers. Same genre really gums up the works.
Buddy Miles/Buddy Guy/Buddy Rich...Buddy Ebsen, bless his hillbilly soul, with his two syllables is beyond the madness. I used to confuse Charlie (Behind Close Doors) Rich with Buddy Rich the drummer though but with enough therapy that chapter of my life closed and I became well enough to distinguish between the two thank you. Problem is Charlie Rich and Charley Pride both do country but the shrink helped me sort that out later too. It's been tough going.
Albert King/BB King/Freddie King/Eddie King/Earl King etc...Bluesman all.Then there's Freddie "Are
You Lonely For Me Baby" Scott the soulster to boot.
Thin Lizzy/Nazareth/Golden Earring...Irish then Scottish then Dutch. And they all looked like pirates to me. All 70's too!
Def Lepard/Judas Priest/Scorpions...The first one SOUNDS German but I think only the last one WAS German.
Dokken/Krokus...Oh KaKa!
Tesla/Pantera...Make me feel like having Pasta. Mama Mia that's a louda rockaband!
Winger/Warrant/SkidRow...Do we really miss the 80's?
Poison/Nelson/Cinderella...The first two have similar names and then the third just has their same hair and look so gets embroiled.
Ratt/Wasp...Argh!Egad! Call pest control...before I use increasingly vulgar 4 letter expletives.
Dr. Hook/Dr.John/Dr. Feelgood...Always messes me up. Need a Dr. for bad headache now.
Friends of Distinction/Main Ingredient/Undisputed Truth...All 1 hit wonder type singing soul groups. Could add Fifth Dimension to this too even though they had lots of hits.
LoverBoy/NightRanger/Survivor/Triumph...80's Rock behemoths. The last one because I automatically think a survivor is one who triumphs.
Soul Coughing/Soul Asylum/Social Distortion/Sound Garden/Silver Chair...Simple Minds is plural so somehow they are not a problem. I then mix up the last one with NickelBack because silver is like money and nickels are of course silver colored. Doesn't end!
Brian Jones/Mick Taylor/Mick Jones/Ron Wood...All except 3rd one I believe were with the Stones. Veritably my dear fellows! A diabolical cabal entangling with an intricate web of deceit the impressionable unsuspecting well-intentioned young record-buying public.
Righteous Brothers/Everly Brothers/Bellamy Brothers...You see the Everly Brothers harmonies sounded righteous and then Bellamy sounds like Everly. So there! I have my reasons.
The Smiths/The Pogues/The Posies/The Stone Roses...A pocketful of posies...posies are flowers like stone 'roses' right? I hope so. Otherwise I'm just an idiot.
The Cult/The Cure/The Call/The Church/The Clash/The Alarm...The Horror!The Horror!
Little Richard/Little Anthony/Little Willie John...I just know one of them was with the Imperials dammit.
Concrete Blondes/Violent Femmes...Twisted Sister was heavy metal so they stay out of it (like the NY Dolls) but then I mess THEM up with Quiet Riot for some reason.
Pure Prairie League/Little River Band/Little Feat...All kinda lazyish country sounding Southern
not Hard rock.
Jeffrey Osbourne/James Ingram...I think they were both on We Are the World too.
U2/US3/UB40/NRBQ...The MC5 (Motor City Five) I'm sure will be happy to know are safe and not involved in this sordid debacle.
Alice In Chains/Jesus and Mary Chain/Jesus Jones...I know someone who bought an album of the second group figuring it was gospel music. Even worse my Aunt Lucy once bought my cousin Aram a Steeleye Span album instead of Steely Dan for Christmas. He kept it! Said it wasn't bad at all. He played guitar and as a musician found the record kinda interesting.
Prefab Sprout/Toad the Wet Sprocket/Everything But the Girl...What were they thinking?
The Cranberries/The Raspberries/The Strawbs...Strawbs leads to The Tubes although they aren't as yummy.
Canned Heat/Hot Tuna/Humble Pie...Sticking with the food theme. Lot of Hs here too add to the merriment.

And Finally, Frankie Goes to Hollywood/Johnny Hates Jazz...Misakman Hates Both.

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