Of course there are millions of jokes out there but these are my all-time favorites. I am very picky about what makes it into my pantheon. For the most part I omitted jokes that were ethnic or dirty/sex-oriented or had foul language. Even though some of those are pretty funny, even hysterical, at times, they really aren't my speed. And since it's MY top 400, a personal list, on MY website, I can pick what I want. So here comes a very miscellaneous bunch of the goofiest, silliest, and funniest nuggets culled from here, there, and everywhere and now in one big nutshell.

So if you're in a crummy mood right now, then come back to this joke section another day (unless you think it will cheer you up). Maybe you lost your job and don't have much savings. Or your partner just broke up with you. Or you're being evicted or lost your lease. Or have too many bills. Or people around you aren't acting right. Or you got stuck with the slice of pizza with the least amount of pepperoni wheels on it because everyone else was attacking the box and grabbing too fast for you. Oh wait, that's just me that seems to get pissed off about that. But anyway, I understand! I feel your pain. So if you think the time is right, then take off your thinking cap and put on your joker's hat and ENJOY!